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Latest Update of SEnuke X to SEnuke XCr

Latest Update of SEnuke X to SEnuke XCr

SEnuke X is now SEnuke XCr. Areeb and Joe has launched the 3rd version of SEnuke which they named as SEnuke XCr. This version is a great change from the previous SEnuke X. This is the first time the Crowd Source Technology is used for SEO Software.  The new features included in this version are :

  1. This is the first time in SEnuke that you can add custom sites to the software, you don’t need any programing idea. The user have to train SEnuke the script whihc is very easy to use.
  2. Previously account creation of forum profile was performed separately, now it is merged with the main Account Creation Profile which made SEnuke faster.
  3. It is now possible to check the broken links using the toolbox of SEnuke XCr, which made 2nd and 3rd tier link building more efficient now.
  4. Now flickr images can be inserted easily on social network posts, which is very Penguin Friendly Strategy.
  5. Each project now has a success rate column. So you can see how successful a site is for all users and decide whether you want to make posting to that website or not.

You can sign up and download the latest version from here : Download SEnuke Xcr

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