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Observing the Shattering Google Algorithm Updates

Google UpdatesIt seems the latest Google algorithm updates has become the most favorite point of the online marketers today. There have been a lot of people, particularly the website owners and SEO tacticians, who are affected by the continuous algorithm modifications. Among the end results of the latest Google algorithm updates are:

  • Lower page rank
  • Lower website traffic
  • Lesser lead conversions

In the past years, there had been some SEO tacticians and web gurus who were able to address the so-called black-hat SEO tactics, which were then subjected to Google penalty. However, just after several months, these web gurus and SEO tacticians face a “what it seems to be a devastating point,’ when Google introduced algorithm updates.

SEO tacticians and web gurus are not specifically the ones who are greatly affected by the latest Google algorithm trends, but generally the online marketers. If only they could escape the wrath of the holocaust that Google algorithm updates cause. Well, there’s actually one method that could help the website owners and marketers: develop high-end, genuine, original content, and make lots of it.

As a matter of fact, this is already not considered as a trick, but a tested tactic. Even Google, as well as other search engines recommend this to marketers and website owners.

Below are the algorithm updates that shattered the world of numerous online marketers and website owners:

1. Google Panda

This is Google’s way of penalizing not only poorly-written web contents, but also duplicated contents. As highly cognizable, in the past, there were some marketers who were fond of posting same contents on multiple websites. Also, this algorithm update also penalizes the unacceptable act of keyword stuffing.

2. Google Penguin

This particular Google algorithm update is more on evaluating the inbound links that websites get. Yes, Google thoroughly scrutinizes the links’ quality. For instance, if a website that offers acupuncture and mental health services have links from gambling websites and lawn care providers, it will definitely face the consequences imposed by Google.

3. Google Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is considered as the hugest algorithm update that Google introduced, since the release of the Panda and Penguin updates. So what’s the big deal about the Hummingbird? Well, just like the other Google updates, this is also something the online marketers, website owners, and SEO tacticians should not overlook or ignore.

Mainly, the Hummingbird update is developed to put little emphasis on the keywords, as well as on the context of the users’ search. Google claims that it could return much better results. One of the benefits of Hummingbird that Google cited is the so-called conversational search.

Thus, Hummingbird focuses on every word, which is in the query. This is to ensure that the entire query (the entire meaning, or sentence, or conversation), not just the specific words, is considered. For Hummingbird: the pages that match the meaning are better compared to the pages that match a few words. It makes sense, isn’t it?

Finally, there is a primary point of Google algorithm updates.

If website owners, SEO tacticians, or online marketers are serious and passionate in establishing a long-lasting organic SEO visibility, without being affected by Google updates, they should value the relevance of riding the ‘content train’ and of getting proper resources. If this is done, leveraged SERP rank, natural inbound links, website traffic, and improved leads will follow.

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