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SEnuke XCr : The Best SEO Tool Ever

Introduction :

SEnuke is an automated SEO tool, probably the most powerful SEO tool ever developed. It is such an intelligent piece of software that it can automate your whole SEO work. It needs little maintenance, it has the option to schedule all your SEO works including link building, pinging, indexing everything. SEnuke can reduce your SEO works in a great scale or in other word it can save you both time and money by doing a lot of works on your behalf.


History :

Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa are the developer of this awesome SEO tool. At first it was only SEnuke, later it was redesigned and named SEnuke X. In 2012, crowd sourced technology was added to SEnuke and hence it was named SEnuke XCr. This is the latest version of SEnuke. This version of SEnuke allows you to Create and share automation scripts with thousands of other users to create backlinks from thousands of places on the Internet.


Features :

SEnuke has all the facilities of making your SEO project automated. From keyword research to link building, live link checking – everything is included in this tool. Main features of SEnuke XCr are :

  • Niche Research
  • Social Network Postings
  • Article Directory Postings
  • Social Bookmarking
  • RSS Submissions
  • Web 2.0 profile Postings
  • Forum Profile Postings
  • Press Releases
  • Pinging
  • Indexing
  • WordPress Postings
  • PDF submissions
  • Wiki Postings
  • Google Places Postings

Beside these, SEnuke has live link checker, built-in spinner, Optical Captcha Recognition system etc. It is possible to add custom sites in SEnuke XCr to get backlinks from those sites also. Adding features of  Article Builder, Ultra Spinnable Articles, The Best Spinner made SEnuke more powerful.

User Friendly Campaign Setup Wizard & Turbo Wizard :

SEnuke is 100% user friendly. From setting up campaign to making report, everything is a matter of some mouse clicks. Moreover, recently SEnuke added an option named Turbo Wizard which made it so easy to setup campaign that a novice can setup campaign within 2 minutes. Here is a screenshot of Turbo Wizard :

If anyone wants to setup each part of the campaign manually, then he can use SEnuke Wizard. Here, user has the control over every single part of posting. Here is a screenshot of the wizard :

Template Designer :

SEnuke has the feature to design your link building template. That means you can control the type of backlinks which should go with your money site, which should go as 2nd tier links or 3rd tier links. SEnuke has some prebuilt templates too like Full Monty, Safe 3 Way Attack etc. Here is a screenshot of SEnuke XCr Template Designer :

Automated Captcha Verification :

SEnuke can recognize some type of captchas. To make a campaign fully automated, captcha verification is very important. SEnuke includes 3rd party captcha solving services of DeathbyCaptcha, Decaptcher, BypassCaptcha, BeatCaptchas, Imagetyperz . Beside these paying captcha solving services, Captcha Sniper is also included to solve captchas fastly and automatically while a campaign runs.

Controlling Posting Features :

SEnuke has the option to control a campaign – starting date, starting time, how many days to run, which project should go after which, how many browsers should be used to post simultaneously. Beside this, number of postings per type of site can be controlled using the following panel :

Proxy Rotation :

SEnuke XCr has the option to use custom proxy while creating backlinks. Hide My Ass can be also used with SEnuke XCr. My personal experience says, using Hide My Ass is the best way to run SEnuke XCr without leaving footprint.

Conclusion :

SEnuke XCr is very powerful tool. Its power should be used with proper care. Many people says that using automated tool for link building is black hat. I always oppose this strongly. It depends on how the user is using his automated tool. If anyone uses SEnuke to spam, then obviously his technique is black hat and this can harm his site. But, if SEnuke XCr is used with proper care keeping updated knowledge of search engine algorithms, then this is the best weapon to make money online.

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